◊  To recognize as my primary responsibility to serve the needs of victims and witnesses of crime.

◊  To acknowledge that this responsibility shall take precedence over personal interest and desire for personal or financial gain.

◊  To respect the rights of people whom I serve.

◊  To protect the rights of people whom I serve.

◊  To respect the rights of confidentiality of victims and to use in a responsible manner any information available to me obtained through a professional relationship.

◊  To clearly distinguish between my individual statements and actions and those as a representative of this organization.

◊  To recognize that continued professional training and development, including addressing issues of professional ethics, are essential to maintain an effective victim assistance program.

◊  To recognize that I am responsible for the quality of services the victim assistance program provides within the framework established by the County.

Adopted on May 9th, 1991 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

WVWP Code of Ethics (in WORD Format)

WVWP Code of Ethics (in PDF Format)