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"Serving the interests of
Crime Victims in Wisconsin
since 1990"

The Wisconsin
Professionals Association

is an organization comprised of victim service professionals and other professionals invested in the promotion of victim rights and issues.

Who we are...

Organized in May of 1990, WVWP was formed to assist and support individuals and programs providing services to victims and witnesses of crime through ensuring the rights of victims as outlined in Chapter 950 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. WVWP continues to grow, forming a network of concerned and trained professionals.

What we do...

WVWP advocates for the interests of victims of crime.

WVWP Members were instrumental in the successful effort to amend the Wisconsin State Constitution to ensure rights for victims of crime. WVWP Members worked with others on Wis. Act 181, the Enabling Legislation through which adherence to the constitutional amendment is upheld.

WVWP works to increase public awareness and understanding.

WVWP plays a leading role in promoting Victims' Rights Week by presenting annual awards in recognition of outstanding work on behalf of victims. An informational display has been developed and is available for loan to members to assist in promoting public awareness of victims' issues.

WVWP promotes professional standards of ethics and practice.

WVWP has adopted a code of ethics setting minimal ethical standards for persons providing services to crime victims as a Victim/Witness Professional

WVWP Offers a network of support for other professionals working with crime victims and witnesses.

The Wisconsin Victim Witness Professionals Association welcomes representatives from agencies providing direct services to victims of crime and any individual interested in crime victim issues.

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